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The print version of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory is the flagship product. Circulated throughout the island, the print directory contains detailed listings of all government organizations, business organizations, religious places etc., and the classified business section ( product & service supplier listings and advertisements ) as well as the doctor channeling directory.

Main Contents of the Directory

  • General Information Pages  
  • SLT Information Pages  
  • Government Pages  
  • Religious Pages  
  • Organizations Pages
  • Rainbow Pages (Classified Business Section)
  • Doctor Channeling Directory


As the national telephone directory, SLT RAINBOW PAGES promotes a selected industry of national importance every year through the directory as a theme and also through promotional campaigns. Accordingly, a few pages of the directory are dedicated to accommodate descriptive articles coupled with attractive images on the directory theme of the year in addition to a number of promotional activities such as press conferences, forums, newspaper articles, press ads, cutouts, banners, etc.

The SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory consists of five directories published province-wise. The Western Province Directory is published annually while the four other directories to cover the rest of provinces are published once every two years.

SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –  Western Province

SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –  Central & Uva Provinces

SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –  Southern & Sabaragamuwa Provinces

SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –  North-Central & North-Western Provinces

SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –  North & East Provinces


Web portal of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory is the premier digital version and the boundless global access point of the directory. All-island directory information (including the residential telephone directory) is available on the Rainbow Pages web portal for round the clock worldwide access with no hassle. The web portal has been improved in order to best cater to the evolving needs of the general public and the business community.

Mobile Web

Availability of directory information has been broadened unprecedentedly. All-island directory information is also available on the Rainbow Pages mobile web ( www.rainbowpages.mobi ) which can be accessed through mobile phones at any time anywhere.

Mobile App

In keeping with the fast-growing information and communication technology, access to the directory has been so simplified that the directory information is now available as a mobile application which can be downloaded to smartphones, tabs etc., (Android or Apple) free of charge and find the directory information faster than never before at your fingertips.


The directory CD contains all-island directory information (including the residential telephone directory) in digital format which can be installed in a computer to find directory information. The CD also contains the SLT Rainbow Pages e-Directory and the Wedding Directory.


This is the digital replacement of the printed directory which can be read on a computer. The e-Directory is available for download on our web portal as well as on the Directory CD. Whatever directory information you need can quickly be searched on the e-Directory.

Call Centre

Directory information can easily be obtained through the 24-hr call centre service available in the three languages by just dialing 1212 (SLT), 444 (Mobitel, Dialog, Etisalat) and 4636 (Hutch). This is an efficient way of finding directory information.


Also the directory information is available on the PEO TV. Just browse through Main Menu → PEO Apps → Directory Services →SLT Rainbow Pages and find whatever directory information you need.




SLT RAINBOW PAGES Tourist Directory is an industry-specific directory which caters to the tourism industry of Sri Lanka reaching out to tourists as Print, Web and Mobile App. A joint effort with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, the Tourist Directory intends to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination while encouraging tourist spending on Sri Lankan products and services and supporting the national concept of making Sri Lanka ‘the Tourist Hub of South Asia’.


The print version of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES Tourist Directory which is published annually targeting the tourist season is a very comprehensive guidebook containing much information on tourist attractions, activities, shopping, dining, travel tips, Sri Lankan products & services and many more coupled with incredibly beautiful pictures of Sri Lanka which will be useful for any tourist visiting the paradise island Sri Lanka.

Over 25000 print copies of the Tourist Directory are freely distributed to all leading tourist hotel rooms across the island and also sold through the Cargills supermarkets chain.


Being well acclaimed by the industry, the first comprehensive Tourist Directory was a great success. This resounding success of the print tourist directory led the development of a very comprehensive tourist website enabling the tourists to plan their tour before arrival.

The web portal (touristdirectory.lk) is the flagship and the most accessible product of the Tourist Directory. The web portal helps attract tourists to Sri Lanka from around the world and also it helps tourists plan their tour in Sri Lanka before arrival.

Mobile App

The Tourist Directory Mobile App is the simplified version of the comprehensive tourist directory intended especially for those on the go.


SLT RAINBOW PAGES Wedding Directory, published annually, is yet another industry-specific directory which serves the wedding industry of Sri Lanka and Having been understood the importance of planning one’s wedding ceremony properly, we at SLT RAINBOW PAGES as the directory publisher to the nation, initiated to offer a one-stop wedding planning solution to prospective couples. Today our wedding directory offers everything needed to plan a perfect and elegant wedding at one’s own convenience.

SLTRAINBOW PAGES Wedding Directory is Sri Lanka’s only one-stop wedding planning solution that reaches out to people in four trendy ways: Print, Web, CD and Mobile App.

Print + CD

The magazine-like wedding directory is an annual publication that contains listings of over 1500 industry suppliers of various categories and the CD which is issued free with the print directory contains over 1500 wedding photographs under various themes. The print wedding directory is sold through supermarkets and bookshops throughout the island and it has now become the choice of many prospective couples and parents who are seeking to plan their or their children’s wedding.

Web ( www.weddingdirectory.lk )

The most-visited wedding website in Sri Lanka with over 1000 visits per day, weddingdirectory.lk that contains galleries of thousands of wedding photographs and listings of over 1500 industry suppliers offers a one-stop wedding planning solution.

Mobile App

As a mobile application, the wedding directory now reaches out to people in a smart and simple way. Considering the rising trend of smart phone usage, especially among the young generation, we have developed a mobile application for the wedding directory. The wedding directory mobile app comes with a number of features like digital maps to locate suppliers, giving directions to reach suppliers, image galleries and many more.



Indigo Advertising Solutions is the advertising arm of SLT Publications (Pvt) Ltd established as a fully-fledged advertising firm to cater particularly to the SME sector. We have a well-experienced talented team to make our valued customers delighted by exceeding their expectations.

We provide total advertising and media solutions from concepts, creations, and productions to execution giving any brand its real identity by the right kind of advertising. We deliver what we promise.

What we do:

ATL (Above The Line Advertising: TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, Press Advertising

BTL (Below The Line Advertising: Hoardings, Leaflets, Name Boards, Billboards, X-Stands, Magazine Ads, Banners, Posters, Dealer Boards, etc.

Dial 011 - 2 33 99 44 and find the best advertising solution possible for your organization, product or service at unbeatable rates and with utmost reliability.


Event management & activations are one of our newly established non-directory businesses. The resounding success in the directory industry led to the initiation of event management and activations. We have a well-experienced dynamic team to exceed the expectations of our clients.

What we do:

Creation, Development and Execution of any type of corporate events:

Conferences, product launches, award ceremonies, customer forums, dinner dances, cocktails, themed nights, indoor/outdoor ceremonies, promotional events, multimedia functions, dealer conventions, press briefings, seminars, festivals etc., and Activations like supermarket promotions, leaflet distribution, street promotions, town storming, exhibition stalls, and other brand activations.

Dial 011 - 2 33 99 44 and find the best event management & activation solution possible for your requirement at unbeatable rates and with utmost reliability.