Janitors Supplies

Weather you outsource your office maintenance or maintain an inhouse crew, you will need a constant supply of products and supplies. Detergents, air fresheners, polishes as well as brushes, gloves etc. will need frequent replacement. Some of these suppliers will also supply specialized equipment as well.

Britannia Cleaning Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

3/40 Stanley Thilakarathne Mw Nugegoda

0112810477, 0722468614


Clenstar Company (Pvt) Ltd

No 74 / 2/1 Sri Sangaraja Mw Colombo 10

0772263500, 0112451413


Tandem Speed (Pvt) Ltd

No 18A 17th Lane Colombo 03

0114342660, 0114342661, 0763591144

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