Unique Industrial Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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No 15 Uyankele Road Panadura

0347223666, 0777004525

Reviews (9 reviews)

Safety equipment on 2021-11-12 07:02:20

Safety equipment company with best customer satisfaction and high quality goods

Thushani on 2020-09-19 23:45:41

Excellent customer care service. High quality genuine 3M products can buy from this place. Highly recommended for all kind of personal protective equipment and safety goods.

Tharaka on 2020-05-23 22:34:38

Good safety supply company.

Industrial Safety Equipment on 2020-05-03 07:11:54

Best quality Personal Protective Equipment Supplier based in panadura Sri Lanka. Unique service and friendly staff here. world no one brands available here. Industrial Safety Equipment company

safety products on 2020-04-15 20:43:40

High quality safety products, water treatment equipment supplier in sri lanka

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Unique Industrial Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

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No 15 Uyankele Road Panadura
0347223666, 0777004525
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