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The print version of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory is the flagship product. Circulated throughout the island, the print directory contains detailed listings of all government organizations, business organizations, religious places etc., and the classified business section (product & service supplier listings and advertisements).

Main Contents of the Directory

  • General Information Pages
  • SLT Information Pages
  • Government Pages
  • Religious Pages
  • Organizations Pages
  • Rainbow Pages (Classified Business Section)

The SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory consists of five directories published province-wise. The Western Province Directory is published annually while the four other directories to cover the rest of provinces are published once every two years.

  • SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –   Western Province
  • SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –   Central & Uva Provinces
  • SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –   Southern & Sabaragamuwa Provinces
  • SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –   North-Central & North-Western Provinces
  • SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory –   North & East Provinces




Web portal of the SLT RAINBOW PAGES National Telephone Directory is the premier digital version and the boundless global access point of the directory. All-island directory information (including the residential telephone directory) is available on the Rainbow Pages web portal for round the clock worldwide easy access. The web portal is constantly improved in order to best cater to the evolving needs of the general public and the business community.

Mobile App

In keeping with the fast-growing information and communication technology, access to the directory has been so simplified that the directory information is now available as a mobile application which can be downloaded to smartphones, tabs etc., (Android or Apple) free of charge and find the directory information faster than never before at your fingertips.


The e-Directory (e-Book) is the digital replacement of the printed directory which can be read on a computer. The e-Directory comes on the CD and also it is available for download on our web portal rainbowpages.lk. Whatever directory information you need can quickly be searched and found on the e-Directory.

Call Centre

Directory information can easily be obtained through the 24-hr call centre service available in the three languages by just dialing 1212 (SLT) and 444 (Mobitel, Dialog, Etisalat). This is an efficient way of finding directory information.




SLT RAINBOW PAGES Tourist Directory is an industry-specific directory which caters to the tourism industry of Sri Lanka reaching out to tourists on digital platforms: Web and Mobile App. A joint effort with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, the Tourist Directory intends to promote Sri Lanka as a tourist destination while encouraging tourist spending on Sri Lankan products and services and supporting the national concept of making Sri Lanka ‘the Tourist Hub of South Asia’.


The tourist directory web portal (www.touristdirectory.lk) is a very comprehensive online platform enabling the tourists to find necessary tourist information on Sri Lanka and plan their tour before arrival.


SLT RAINBOW PAGES Wedding Directory, published annually, is yet another industry-specific directory which serves the wedding industry of Sri Lanka.

Having been understood the importance of planning one’s wedding ceremony properly, we at SLT RAINBOW PAGES as the directory publisher to the nation, initiated to offer a one-stop wedding planning solution to prospective couples. Today our wedding directory offers everything needed to plan a perfect and elegant wedding at one’s own convenience.

SLTRAINBOW PAGES Wedding Directory is Sri Lanka’s only one-stop wedding planning solution that reaches out to people in four trendy ways: Print, Web, CD and Mobile App.


The most-visited wedding website in Sri Lanka with over 1000 visits per day, weddingdirectory.lk that contains galleries of thousands of wedding photographs and listings of over 1500 industry suppliers offers a one-stop wedding planning solution.

Mobile App

As a mobile application, the wedding directory now reaches out to people in a smart and simple way. Considering the rising trend of smart phone usage, especially among the young generation, we have developed a mobile application for the wedding directory. The wedding directory mobile app comes with a number of features like digital maps to locate suppliers, giving directions to reach suppliers, image galleries and many more.



Web Designing, Development & Maintenance

Owning an appealing and well-designed website could offer a business remarkable benefit. The look and feel of a website is like a magnet that keeps your visitors attached to your captivating content and it makes them stay longer on the website. Keeping your content updated and relevant is also crucial as a smoothly running website is always a great asset for any business.

We are guaranteed to give you,

  • Full Responsive website
  • Mobile optimized website
  • Technical support 24x7
  • Lowest Hosting charges
  • Dedicated domain (.lk or .com)
  • Email accounts
  • SSL certification Life time - [https://]
  • Dedicated C panel Access
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media integration
  • Configurations and maintenance
  • Product and image gallery
  • Content development
  • Logo creation

E-Commerce Portal Design, Development & Maintenance

The importance of online presence of a business nowadays is beyond the words. Just as a physical retail shop with unique exterior and interior design, attracts more customers, an eye appealing ecommerce platform will always create a positive impression within the mind of your customers. The responsiveness of your website, creating great content, Up to date product catalogs and giving the options to learn more about the products are the main factors that make the whole user experience a satisfied one.

Don't hesitate to hire the best service provider to get done your dream ecommerce portal as you have to have a wonderful online space to make available your wonderful products.

Social Media Marketing

In today's society, everyone is busy scrolling down the newsfeed. So the social media has become the most influential virtual space that a marketer cannot ignore when crafting marketing strategies. Social media has this commendable power of reaching out to target audience in a second. So it’s no wonder that social media has become go-to-place for businesses.

We create and manage high-performing social media campaigns for businesses sharing their unique brand stories across social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO guides your prospective customers to connect with your business online. The proper visibility of your website in the search results is more likely to attract high quality web traffic to your website. A customer who wishes to buy something online will perform multiple searches seeking for the right seller. If your business doesn't have a strong online presence, it is no doubt that you fall behind the competition.

By partnering with us, you can work with a full team of experts working towards assisting your most valuable audience to find you online.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to draw the right web traffic to your website if only you know how to play it right. The prime objective of SEM is to promote your website's visibility using paid search, contextual advertising and organic search rankings. Search engine marketing can be complicated as it takes researching trends, and conversion rates to make sure that the keywords you use, are the most appropriate ones for your business.

For this, hiring a professional search engine marketing service provider is always a wise decision.

Advertising through Community Pages

In today's world, if you want to find your target audience, it's quite easier for you to find them online rather than trying to reach them in a physical space as everyone's screen time is rising like never before. So advertising through community pages is a perfect opportunity for your target audience to discover what your brand has to offer. Placing the advertisements on your social media pages will certainly bring substantial benefits to your business by connecting, engaging and establishing long term relationships with your customers.

Let us take your brand into the daily buzz of your target audience.

Direct Ad Placement On Leading Websites.

In this ever-evolving digital world, correct media environment is crucial to the success of your ad campaign. It has to be placed where it addresses to the right target audience as no matter how appealing your ad campaign is, if it is not exposed to your correct audience, all of your ad spend and hard work will be wasted.

We will guide you to place your brilliant marketing campaign reach the best space it deserves.

Creative Content Creation

Every successful business stands out from the crowd because they are unique in some way. This uniqueness is mostly entwined with a sense of creativity. Infusing some creativity into your content and creating awe- inspiring content could be highly influential to the buying decision of your potential customers.

Enjoy the service of our creative content writers as a nice piece of writing can do wonders on the performance of your business.

Content Marketing

Do you know how powerful an educated customer is? A customer who comes to buy your products with a better understanding about your products, is less likely to be lost to you as he/she has made the buying decision not by looking at a mere advertisement but by doing a proper research about your product. This is where the power of quality content comes in. Consistent, high quality and engaging content influence the buyer decision making process more than any other technique.

Our team will help your business create the most creative, entertaining and engaging content ensuring that your key marketing message is successfully conveyed to your target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your prospects and customers. Keeping a sustainable relationship with your customers by sharing valuable content and constant updates about your business leaves a huge impact on the brand loyalty and the reliability of your customers.

To craft a successful email marketing strategy, it is required for you to hire the best email marketing service that assists your business to manage your content, subscribers and campaigns.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the most reliable ways to communicate with your customers successfully. Communicating with SMS marketing is a perfect opportunity for the marketers as customers stay in touch with their phones all day long. Unlike the other marketing tools, the performance of each SMS campaign can be monitored and measured easily.

Digital Activations and Promotions

Digital activations and promotions have become a widely used marketing tool in this digitalized era to attract audience through micro targeting and intent-based strategy to drive sales and brand awareness. The more captivating the core of the promotional campaign, the more engagement it is expected to generate making the whole promotional effort a success.

Join hands with us to work with the best professionals in the industry to take your next digital activation to the next level.

Video Productions (2D,3D)

It’s not just like a reading piece of writing, a video with eye catching visuals will always keep the viewer locked for a considerable time. 2D and 3d animated videos help your business to communicate and promote what your brand has to offer to the customers in a pleasing way. The visual appeal of such videos has the ability to bring your key communicational message right into the minds of your target audience.

Product Photography

What if you have a great product which is supposed to deliver great value to the customers yet when it is available online, it looks pale and unattractive. No matter how better your product is, if the first visual impression it leaves on the consumer is not favorable, the performance of the product is obviously doubtful.

Send us your products and our team of professional photographers and re-touches will make it appealing and attractive your audience.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing not just drives brand awareness but makes your products credible to the customers. It’s not the same when a customer decides to consider buying a product by looking at a mere advertisement versus he/she decides to buy a product due to a recommendation coming from an idol they follow. Many brands worldwide have started to invest significant amount of money into influencer marketing campaign knowing the unrivaled benefits it carries.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

A digital marketing consultancy helps your business to position yourself in the online space by putting together an actionable digital marketing strategy based on your business strategy. It is always vital to expand your online presence by improving your web visibility to attract more potential customers online.

Through our digital marketing consultancy service, you can reach the skills, experience of our digital professionals all passionate in offering the top results just as you expected.

E-Brochure Designing

The traditional printed brochures have now been replaced by the e - brochures to keep up with the modern customer. The e-brochures which consist captivating content and engaging design are significant in making a favorable impression about your product and services.

Creating professional brochures takes pro-level design skills and creativity. We will serve you by creating unique and attractive e- brochures just as your requirement.

SEO Consultancy

The aim of SEO is to develop a strong foundation for a successful website with a smooth and fruitful user experience that is easily discoverable in search. This will definitely impact the buying decision process in a positive way which is the end goal of having a successful website. For that, you need to have a professional guidance in lifting your current website to the next level.

By working on quality SEO, you can establish reliability and trust within the mind of the customers by promoting your business as a reputable place for visitors to find the products and services you provide.

Creating Business Profile

A business profile reflects the face your company and developing a business profile is very critical as it is going to be shared across a wide variety of platforms. A well designed business profile offers you a chance to generate positive perceptions of your products and services.

Our team will assist you to create a powerful business profile which encourages customers and builds a memorable impact on their mind about your company.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is capable of delivering real tangible benefits to your overall advertising campaign if you know how to play it right. Data driven targeted advertising methods such as programmatic advertising have been proven to be more successful that the traditional advertising methods.

Call Center Base Directory Service

You can contact our hotline through any fixed or mobile phone to easily obtain directory information around the clock in all three languages. Also you can enjoy our directory assistance that connects you to a person, organization, government body, and provides information ranging from numbers and email addresses.

IVR Service to Institutions

SLT interactive voice response system is designed to interact with live callers through voice recognition tools, which presents callers with a set of pre-recorded messages. This greatly facilitate to maintain a hassle free customer service as the queries of our customers are heard and offered solutions within a short period of time delivering an exceptional customer experience.


Event management & activations are one of our newly established non-directory businesses. The resounding success in the directory industry led to the initiation of event management and activations. We have a well-experienced dynamic team to exceed the expectations of our clients.

What we do:
Creation, Development and Execution of any type of corporate events:

Conferences, product launches, award ceremonies, customer forums, dinner dances, cocktails, themed nights, indoor/outdoor ceremonies, promotional events, multimedia functions, dealer conventions, press briefings, seminars, festivals etc., and Activations like supermarket promotions, leaflet distribution, street promotions, town storming, exhibition stalls, and other brand activations.

Dial 0112 399 399 and find the best event management & activation solution possible for your requirement at unbeatable rates and with utmost reliability.