Springs - Manufacturers

Springs have many uses including in mattress manufacture and for vehicle suspension systems amongst others. They are made by creating tension in a wire whilst it’s being twisted. This creates energy and allows the wire to try and return to its original shape. These manufacturers have the necessary machinery to produce a wide variety of springs.

Aberathna Spring Work

No.308/7/D/5 Peradeniya Waratenna

0812384729, 0777740774


Seedevi Motor Traders

561/18 Maithripala Senanayake Mawatha Anuradhapura

0252235323, 0252234979, 0771826040


Spring Air Sri Lanka & Maldives

No 60 Ward Place Colombo 7

0112674949, 0777748789


Tony Auto Springs

No-488 Kandy Road Pattiya Junction Kelaniya

0773100001, 0723106001

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