Truck Body - Manufacturers

The body of a truck is separate from the drive unit and it’s the part that takes the most wear and tear. The bodies can be manufactured for specific needs including wide bodied, refrigeration units, flat-bed, high sides etc.

Desha Industrial & Truckbody Builders (Pvt) Ltd

No 1196/1 Vidyala Juntion Kottawa Pannipitiya

0775252906, 0112896289


T L M Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

69 Avissavella Road Ranala

0112408019, 0114939394, 0773658812


Trans Globe Auto

No 522 Highlevel Road Delkanda Nugegoda

0115767580, 0112769413, 0112801434, 0773519391, 0777877788

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